TechnologySolutions that Work

Shaker Virtual Events specializes in all aspects of virtual events.

Whether you’d like to host your own event or sell this innovative product to your clients, we can offer you unlimited reach and earning potential with our unmatched combination of cutting-edge virtual technology, administration services, and marketing expertise. Among our many advantages, we provide:

  •  A Cost-Effective Alternative to Physical Events because your participants can attend from anywhere without travel expenses or the effort of dressing up for an interview.
  •  Total-Package Convenience means that you can relax because, unlike many of our competitors, we do it all for our clients: technology, support, and marketing.
  •  A Virtual Event Platform designed by the industry’s finest technology provider that offers an online experience in real-time 3-D.
  •  Full-Service Solutions make the user and host experience convenient, including pre-event consultation, on-demand assistance, end-user training, real-time event-monitoring, and post-event analysis.
  •  Event Promotion is one of our strongest areas of expertise, ensuring that your event generates a right-fit audience, on time, and on budget.

Consider Shaker Virtual Events for all of your technology-related communications needs, and enjoy solutions that work.

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