40 years, One Company, Am I Nuts?


There are some that would swear to it and I will admit to a few quirks, like an office with a 4 foot high Zebra and a rubber band ball the size of a regulation basketball.

Okay, and a toy train and lava lamp.   Yes, I have worked in recruitment communications for one company for the past 40 years, possibly a dubious record.   This will tell you two things, I like the people with whom I work, I like my clients and I have a certain skill set that applies itself to very few industries.   I like to think I have been reasonably successful.

Now you don’t last this long just because you like the people with whom you work. The industry changed and in some ways I changed with it.  I’ve lasted this long because I’ve been surrounded by talented people and I recognize that.  I listen more than ever.

I don’t think there is anything more exciting than to see younger people grow.  Filled with ideas and new media opportunities they present our clients with wonderful options – while I on the other hand am more concerned with the target audience.   What they are like and the best way to reach them.

In our business, despite what you occasionally hear, one size does not fit all.   Here’s an example. A few years ago a healthcare client could not understand why they had no response to a particular supervisory nursing position.   It required a significant amount of experience and the call to action was send resume to:,  or complete an application on line.   Our client is waiting for an answer so it was time to let the old guy talk.

I wondered what I would do if I were the candidate, so I suggested they put in a phone number.   Yes, a phone number.  Dark ages, right? My logic, and you may not agree, is that you are recruiting someone with solid skills and extensive experience – someone with 10 years at one organization probably does not have an updated resume.

This is the point where a room full of people look at me like I kicked a puppy, until one recruiter said, “Put my number in the ad, I’ll build their resume for them.”  So that’s my job now, thinking like a candidate, analyzing like a client, and watching all these talented young people grow.


  • Manda

    Dark ages….I don’t think so – it’s called personal touch…it’s perfect!