• Mike Temkin joined Shaker in 1988 after more than a decade in media and consumer advertising. During his time at Martin J. Simmons Advertising, the Advisory Group, and Montage, Mike developed a creative approach to media that was later instrumental in his spearheading our agency’s expansion into broadcast, ambient, online, and mobile. Mike was promoted to Vice President, Strategic Planning & Development in 1998.

  • As Vice President, Mike has developed, grown, and overseen Shaker’s in-house media teams and has expanded relationships with – and negotiated on behalf of – numerous key agency clients. He has been instrumental in setting social media strategy and has developed distinctive and recognizable campaigns that have capitalized on media convergence.

    Mike is sought widely by recruiting conference organizers and has spoken both domestically and internationally on the topics of retention, new and emerging media, and branding through community outreach. When he’s not leading strategic planning sessions, his love for media plunges him elbow deep in the latest comScore, Arbitron, and Harris Interactive reports.

  • Mike brings quick wit and high strategy to his clients’ recruitment endeavors – helping them move from transactional to relational recruiting. His client portfolio includes Kellogg, Target, G4S, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, and UPS.

    Never one to sit still for too long, Mike likes to travel anywhere he can explore the great outdoors. He enjoys bicycling and hiking and is a big fan of college basketball. He also suffers from Cubs fever and believes for sure it’ll be their year within the next decade. Two, tops.