You’ll Never Find Lettuce in a Hardware Store.


The Four W’s of Healthcare Recruitment And How They Impact Your Budget

W #1  – Who

I don’t think it is much of a coincidence that the words who and how share the same three letters.  In healthcare recruitment failure to recognize the “who”, makes the “how” a non-factor.  Recruiters will then use the same options to recruit no matter how diverse the potential candidates.

Modern business is technology driven and recruitment methodologies tend to mirror the tools and skill sets that most candidates possess.  Most people graduating from a degree program in the past 15 years use job boards or social media when searching for a position.  They thrive in a world of spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations – just look at a desk in an investment firm, not much paper, and probably three screens up at the same time.  For business in the corporate world, a desktop is often the universe, where people communicate, deal with clients and coworkers, create new products and demonstrate new ideas, and often search for jobs.   Not so in healthcare.

That is not to say that job boards and online efforts are not effective recruitment tools, they can be tremendously effective.  But in healthcare, there are other factors that change the recruitment dynamic, people and environment.   Time during the day to search online for a new job, if any, is limited.  And it is generally limited to smart phones, and while technology is getting better, there is still a significant gap between finding a position and applying for it.   Then there is the “I can’t program my VCR generation.”   They may surprise you with their activity on social media – but it isn’t necessarily search activity.  Exactly how do you approach this market?    The same way you did 10 years ago?

Think who, then think how.  Think about the probable age of your candidate when requiring experience.  What are the skill sets the position requires and how long might it take to acquire those skills?  What are the educational requirements?  Will diversity be a factor in your hiring efforts?

After you get a handle on who and how, it will be time to think about W #2 – What.