You Don’t Hunt Elephants With A Pea Shooter


The Four W’s of Healthcare Recruitment
And How They Impact Your Budget

W #3  – Where

Okay, we now know who you are looking for and how you are going to sell them on your organization.  Armed with this information, the odds of a good recruiter missing a quality candidate would be like trying to sneak a pork chop past a wolf.    So where do you advertise your openings?   For some, your career site may be enough – especially if you are the only game in town.  For others, you may need to reach out, and maybe do something dramatic and unexpected.

I will go out on a limb here and say a lot of quality candidates are hard to find.  You want to keep your organization’s name prominent, and that may be enough for the health care people who know you, but you will need to do more.   You start by posting the job on your career site.  If nothing happens, what’s next?  Direct mail or email?  You might find the results very positive if you have the right list.

You might be paying for a resume database and yes it takes a little time to search, but you wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner.  Depending on the database, the quality of the resumes, or how old they are will remind you why. You post to a job board, maybe an association website.  Your site is scraped by an aggregator.  You tweet.  Everything you’ve done so far assumes people are actively looking for jobs, and sometimes, just sometimes, those aren’t the ones you want.

So where do you turn?  You put your name in front of the right audience.  Use a service to broadcast your jobs to your twitter page and your Facebook page.   Don’t have one? Get one, and not the hospital marketing one.  Make sure the hospital page has a link to careers.

Your Facebook Careers page is entirely different.  Yes you have a jobs tab, but more importantly you have a tool, one that people will actually look at. Why? Because your careers page will be all about your staff and their accomplishments.   If you interview someone you’d like to hire but it doesn’t work out for some reason, have them follow you on Facebook.  They liked you enough to interview; now keep them in the family until they have the skills you need.   How many people have you lost that you’d like to have back?  When they leave, suggest they follow you on Facebook.  They still have friends in your facility and may want to hear news about them.  Give them a reason to boomerang back to you.

How about a talent community – encourage all of your candidates to join when they apply.   With a strong CMS, you’ll be able to have ongoing targeted marketing/messaging.

Have any interest in Pinterest?  You should. It’s a great information exchange, it’s fun, and depending on your market, can produce some nice, perhaps unexpected results.

It is possible you may have overfished the pond of folks looking for a job.  Now you might want to look hard at Search Engine Marketing and Facebook.   You can target an area around your facility and put ads on Facebook pages, targeting people based on information they have provided. Job, school, employer – ads will go to the pages of potential candidates.  With pay-for-performance billing, you are only paying for people who click on your ad and go to your website or job description.    For everyone else you have placed your organization’s name in front of them, potentially dozens of times, and as someone once said, plant a seed and watch it grow.

Ready to get really daring?   What if you need people with skills who are not available for local professions?  Oncology Researchers, OR Nurses, PTs and many other candidates who are hard to find – advertise where they are.  Go out of state or target the nearest major city or cities. Live in the south? Guess what, it gets cold in the north and not everyone likes it.   PTs – try areas where outdoor exercise might be popular.  Think. Target. Become the Hunter.