Would You Use a Digital Business Card?

The small, flat, nondescript square that is the business card has remained relatively unchanged for years. Sure, the card stock has changed, the fonts have become more playful, and social media icons have been stamped on to reflect changing technology.

But the card itself has retained its simplicity.

That may change if Icon, an Austin-based startup, elbows its way to the front of the crowd. Icon, founded by Kent Savage and Matt Hovis, has created a digital business card that may put an end to the paper version.

Icon works by pulling relevant career and personal information from various profiles, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

The profiles are tied to existing social feeds and are optimized to be shared with anyone via smartphone, email, or online.

According to TexasTechPulse, the service revolves around “Icons” featuring a photo of the user, links to that user’s social profiles, and biographical details.

Each user has a digital business card that others can download and use to make connections.

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