Why make a big deal out of Nurses Week?


If you don’t know why Nurses Week is important, one day you will.

Have you ever spent time in a hospital, had surgery? I have and I liked the nurses well enough, but I’m not sure if I really appreciated them.

But when the person you love the most has had surgery, you’ll know why Nurses are so important. In the middle of the night, when your spouse is in pain, you’ll look for a Nurse. And when she’s sick and you become frantic, a Nurse will be there.

So why make a big deal out of Nurses Week? Without them we have no health care system.

Physicians, therapists, technicians – all play important roles, with clearly defined roles. But the person with your loved one every step of the way is a Nurse. I pray you never have to look for one like I have, but when you find one; you will be in good hands.

If you read this and you are a nurse, thank you. Thank you for being a Nurse.