What Will Disruptive Innovation Mean for Health Care Recruiting?

Grocery Doctor

A great deal I’m afraid.

Health care has gotten used to disruptive innovation as evidenced by the free standing surgical centers that can offer outpatient services for less than a hospital.   With no emergency room to staff and the assurance of patients with some form of health insurance, it is an incredible competitive advantage.  What other disruptive innovations are on the horizon?

Now how about infusion services?     When Schnucks Infusion Services began offering infusion therapy for cancer and multiple sclerosis among other things I figured there would be no way a grocery chain could be successful.    I think I am going to be wrong on this one.

We are a convenience society.  Why are there branch banks in grocery stores? To make banking convenient.  So why not infusion therapy outside of the hospital?     What other disruptive innovations are on the horizon?

Where do you suppose a grocery chain will find their nurses?  From your hospital. Will RN’s want to work for a grocery store?  Money talks (as well as some autonomy) and without a hospital’s overhead I would anticipate higher hourly wages and perhaps a more flexible schedule.     It seems to have worked for the NPs in your local pharmacy.

Can a hospital compete for talent?  I say yes IF a couple of things happen.  Your staff must buy into the hospital mission.  Your brand must be real.  There are always challenges but a hospital can offer growth in a highly professional environment that no other health care environment is able to do.