What Does Peanut Butter Have To Say About Millennials?

peanut butter

I am the father of millennials, and all my life I’ve been pretty much a Jif kind of guy.

Sure, I’ve been tempted by Skippy, who hasn’t.    And I’ve never even thought about Peter Pan.  Until recently, I thought my wife and I had raised pretty normal kids.

A good PB&J is tradition, comforting and a memory of childhood all rolled into one delicious sandwich that goes well with anything.   So the other day I decide to go for that comfort food, reach into the cabinet, and am faced with the reality that somehow the children I had nurtured had morphed into beings I don’t quite understand.  But then, they are millennials.

I reach into the cabinet for the Jif and I am confronted by not one but 3 jars of peanut butter. Or to be accurate, one Jif, one Almond Butter and another jar that is apparently coconut infused.

For 7 years the two of them were working in New York City and did extremely well – then suddenly they changed direction to start over in new careers.   As a father you wonder why change when they were doing so well?

I realize now that their former careers were just Jif to them, very good but not rewarding in the personal fulfillment sense.  Not challenging enough and the only rewards were dollars.

I’m probably too old for the coconut infused stuff,  I’ll stick with what I know best.  When you are recruiting millennials for a job, make sure you have the right kind of peanut butter, otherwise they’ll keep moving until they find one that’s right.