Vine and Recruitment Advertising


Here at Shaker, one of the most important ways we add value in our client relationships is by keeping our ear to the ground for emerging personal communication trends and technologies that can be used or adapted for the recruitment advertising space.

The newish video sharing app Vine, acquired and launched by Twitter in January 2013, allows users to create six-second looped videos and share them via social media or embed them on a website.  While currently compatible with iOS 5.0 devices, there are plans for an Android version in the works, which will only increase the app’s impressive popularity (currently #5 on the iTunes list of top free apps).

Mega-brands like Dove and Gap were early adopters of Vine, but now, less than six months later a variety of companies are using video’s answer to Instagram to engage with followers/fans, launch new products, show client work, give a window into company culture, and much more.  Other than the six-second time limit, the options to be creative with Vine are wide open and ready to be explored.  To see how far the top ten Vine users are pushing the app’s boundaries, take a look at this.

One of the traditional challenges of recruitment advertising has always been that while choosing an employer is one of the most important decisions a person can make, it’s not easy to know the true culture of a company before actually accepting a position.  Hires made through referrals have a better chance of being a “right fit”, in large part because the candidate’s friend or family member has already conveyed the company’s personality and feel before the candidate ever accepts the position – something Vine videos might now be able to help accomplish.

People are becoming increasingly more visual and less inclined to read written content, and Vine is a great way to show off your office location or interior, perks such as a gym or child care center, and employee camaraderie – done well it can be a real differentiating factor for Millennial hires and campus recruiting, in particular.

And on the other side of the fence, recruiters, don’t be surprised if you start seeing Vine resumes.  According at a recent study using eye tracking and heat mapping techniques, recruiters spend just six seconds reading a resume before they make an initial hiring decision – interestingly enough the same length of time as a Vine video.  Someone who can eloquently sell themselves in just six seconds might be the ideal fit for your company – you can check out what might be the first Vine resume here.

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