Up! Bob Ravener’s Candid Overview Of His Life And His Philosophy

The candor and honesty Bob Ravener brings to his book “Up! The Difference Between Today and Tomorrow Is You” contributes to the overall importance of a book which is not only a brilliant motivational primer, but also a deeply introspective autobiography.

Having had the opportunity to work for Bob Ravener’s team at Dollar General and meeting Bob at HR Conferences, I looked forward to Bob writing a book filled with his insightful observations and recommendations about perseverance and success in the business world.

I was completely surprised to see that Bob’s book is much more than I expected.

From both his professional and personal life, Bob shares with his readers the joys and pain he has personally experienced along with the principles and skills which have contributed to Bob’s highly-gratifying and inspiring life. Thanks Bob for sharing your story and the lessons you have learned along with way.

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