U.S. Job Postings Down 0.1% In May Vs. April 2014. Up 22.6% Year-Over-Year.

Job openings decreased in 14 out of 18 industries in May 2014 according to the newly-released U.S. Employment Outlook from SimplyHired.

Industries increasing in job openings included  transportation (22.7%) and construction (6.8%).  Legal (-13.7%) and retail (-10.9%) saw the most significant decreases during this period.

11 out of 23 occupation categories experienced growth in job openings in May 2014. Personal care workers (22.8%) and transportation (19.4%) roles experienced the largest amount of growth month-over-month. Lawyers, judges and legal support  (-33.9%) roles faced the largest decline in May 2014.

Healthcare remains the industry with greatest job inventory. Nearly one-half of the top posting companies in May 2014 were healthcare-related (approximately 61 company locations).  There were also a significant number of job openings at technology firms and academic institutions.

Overall, nationwide job openings remained largely flat, decreasing by 0.1% in May; year-over-year job openings increased 22.6%.