Two Words, Never Heard (at least by me) at Costco

I am older, growing up in an age where please and thank you were expected – and enforced with a whack across the back of the head.  I was taught to hold doors for ladies,  watch my language, respect older people, and to remember my actions reflected on my family.   So what two words haven’t I heard at Costco?

“Excuse Me.”  Two simple words expressing regret for causing someone inconvenience.

Why is that a big deal?  It is a common courtesy.  Which seems to be more rare with each passing day.

Which reminds me of something. How courteous are you in your business dealings?  Do you answer your phone or rely on caller ID and VM to decide who you wish to ignore?  How about emails from vendors?

I am older, which might explain why I answer my phone – or I could just be showing courtesy to a caller.  Even at home I will listen to a phone pitch – it might be a young person just getting a start in business – someone gave me a start once.

Even email from a vendor I’ve met – or who might have a product that in some distant future might benefit my clients generally gets answered.  If it doesn’t it could be due to an overly aggressive spam filter blocking them.  I do however reserve the right to completely ignore mail from the Scooter Store or anyone promoting walk-in bath tubs.

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