‘Tis the Season To Be…Hiring?

Not a second before the first pumpkin was placed on its sidewalk perch, the big seasonal announcements came trickling in.

As usual, leading the pack, were the big ones – Target, Walmart, and Toys R Us, among other big brands.

Macy’s said it plans to boost its hiring for the holiday shopping season by 4% over last year and will hire around 83,000 people.

Positions include 6,600 seasonal positions at four online fulfillment centers and 1,200 jobs for fulfillment areas located in 500 Macy’s stores.

GameStop is gearing up for a big holiday rush, stocking its stores with plenty of new games and 17,000 new employees.

Target isn’t hiring as many employees as last year – about 70,000, down 20 percent from last year.

Roughly in line with 2011 levels, JC Penney’s is hiring about 35,000.

Kohl’s plans to decrease the number of seasonal workers it hires per store to 40 associates from 41. It also plans to hire about 53,000. That’s a jump from 2011’s forecast of more than 40,000 seasonal workers.

Meanwhile, Walmart will bring on about 55,000 seasonal associates, 10 percent more than it announced last year. And Toys R Us plans to hire around 45,000 employees to staff its stores and distribution centers.

Season holiday rose for a fourth straight year in 2012, jumping 14% to 751,800 for a 12-year high, according to Challenger, Gray, and Christmas.

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