Time Spent Accessing Web From Mobile Continues To Increase Especially Among Women

The amount of time spent accessing the internet via mobile has surpassed time spent on the PC, according to research from comScore and mobile network Jumptap.

In April 2013, time spent accessing the web on smartphones and tablets surpassed time spent online on the PC by 2%. Women 25 to 49 years old spent 50% of their time accessing the web on a smartphone, 11% on a tablet and 39% on PC’s. Men 25-49 men used a PC 55% of the time, smartphones 45% and tablets 10% to access the web.

For men and women 18-24, the web was accessed 50% from a smartphone, 9% from a tablet and 41% from a PC. For men and women 50+, the web was accessed 25% from a smartphone, 16% from a tablet and 59% from a PC.

Business related content as well as news and sports were still predominately accessed on PC’s (About 60% average for all three categories). Game playing (82% on mobile vs. 18% on PC’s) and radio (92% on mobile vs. 8% on PC’s) have strong mobile dominance, while 67% of social activity is taking place on smartphones and tablets vs. 33% on PC’s.

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