The Top 10 Cities for Successful Employee Recognition

Huntsville, Alabama is the number one city for “Employee Recognition” as measured by Quantum Workplace.

Almost 5,000 companies and 400,000 employees were surveyed with employees asked about their sense of how often they were recognized with either a raise, professional development or training opportunities, time off, or verbal or written praise from the supervisors and other management.

The top ten cities for employees citing superior recognition (percent of employees who are satisfied with the amount of recognition they receive):

1. Huntsville, Alabama (73%)

2. Nashville, Tennessee (69%)

3. (tie) Austin, Texas (68%)

3. (tie) San Antonio, Texas (68%)

3. (tie)Washington D.C. (68%)

4. (tie) Atlanta, Georgia (67%)

4. (tie) Charlotte, North Carolina (67%)

4. (tie) Orlando, Florida (67%)

4. (tie)Raleigh, North Carolina (67%)

4. (tie) Tampa, Florida (67%).

For successful employee retention, a pay raise topped the type of recognition employees most appreciate for the third year in a row, followed by various forms of training, time flexibility, bonuses, and promotions or advancement.

As for “personalized gifts” such as plaques or company merchandise, these types of items were the least desirable forms of recognition among employees surveyed, with less than 5% feeling such items were important.

While more compensation is favored by many, engaged employees seem to place less emphasis on compensation than those who feel less invested.  According to the Quantum Workplace report, “Engaged employees were the least likely to prefer compensation-based recognition, while hostile employees ranked a pay increase, spontaneous cash bonus, and promotion as their top three forms of recognition.”

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