The Repercussions of Job Hopping

Bopping around from job to job damages career prospects more than age or long-term unemployment, according to a recent survey from online recruiting software provider Bullhorn.

Over 1500 recruiters were tapped to provide feedback for the survey, which sought to uncover the obstacles job seekers face when handing over the resume.

Thirty-nine percent of recruiters said that the single biggest obstacle for an unemployed candidate in regaining employment is having a history of “hopping jobs,” or leaving a company before one year of tenure.

Thirty-one percent consider being out of work for more than a year as the greatest challenge in regaining employment, followed by having gaps in your employment history (28 percent).

Age plays a big factor in recruiting people for jobs. Seventy percent of respondents say candidates in their 30s are the easiest age group for recruiters to place in new jobs. Respondents also said that there is greater demand for candidates in their 40s than for candidates in their 20s. Only one percent of recruiters felt candidates in their 50s were the easiest to place, with zero percent responding favorably for the 60-year-old age group.

Short-term unemployment can hurt as well. Seventeen percent said that being unemployed for fewer than six months would still make it difficult to place someone in a job and four percent feel it is difficult to place anyone unemployed, no matter the duration.

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