The Problem with Health Care Recruiters

As I said when I presented at NAHCR, and is quite apparent by my mug shot, I’ve been working in health care recruitment for a long time, as long as anyone has been with one agency and probably before many health care recruiters were born.    I love the enthusiasm of the younger recruiters and the savvy of those with more experience.  But I think they have a fault, they are too nice.

I think attendance at this year’s Image Conference was as low as I have ever seen it. And it wasn’t NAHCR’s fault.  NAHCR is an incredible learning opportunity, not just from the sessions, but time with the vendors – and even more – time with other recruiters.  I’ve seen recruiters in local chapters pay their own way to their annual conference.  I’ve spoken at state chapters where perhaps 2 out of 30 members also belonged to the national organization, NAHCR.  That’s wrong.

So to all the health care recruiters out there, stop being nice, it’s time to play hardball.  At the next budget meeting include a line item for professional development – at minimum your local and national NAHCR membership, if possible, attendance at the next NAHCR conference.    Even if you can’t attend the national conference there are valuable webinars and other insights available to you through the national chapter – things that add to your effectiveness and value as a Health Care Recruiter.

A hospital administration believes its caregivers should continue to grow professionally – should it be different for recruiters?

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