The Most Engaged Workforce in the UK

It comes as no surprise that the military is cited as the most engaged employees of any sector in the United Kingdom, according to a recent engagement survey led by recruitment services provider Kenexa.

Strong leadership, pride in the organization and inspired decision making, were the main reasons why the military is said to be so linked to engagement.

According to Kenexa’s 2012 Work Trends Report, the employee engagement index (EEI) score of 75% for the military is significantly higher than that of other sectors, such as banking (42%), retail and wholesale trade (49%) and the food industry (46%). Banking services have an EEI score of 57%, retail of 51% and food industry of 54%.

Andrew Jackson, vice president of government solutions at Kenexa and a former head of recruitment for the British Army, said, “Research has shown it is your younger employees that will be the most engaged. The military is a young persons game and the cuts are effecting the older generation, which has led to high engagement scores. However, the main reasons come from strong leadership. If you have inspiring leaders and are well led then it can drive up engagement. The military is also extremely mission oriented so sends out a clear message of what it wants from its employees.”

Jackson continued, “There is an immense amount of pride and professionalism in the military and it instils this in its employees. “Other sectors, such as the banking industry, should look at this culture and see how they can relate it to them.”

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