Substantial Boost In Employee Performance When Engagement Is Fostered Per Gallup Study

From the new State of the American Workplace Report, from Gallup, comes some valuable data to support the concept that if you focus on maintaining engaged employees, your company could benefit from increased productivity.

According to Gallup, when businesses successfully engaged their employees (as well as their customers), they have experienced a 240% boost in performance-related outcomes.

Three steps to foster engagement identified by Gallup:

1)      Focus on strengths over weaknesses. Teams that invest in and focus on employee strengths every day have 12.5% greater productivity.

2)      Hire effective managers. Good management inspires engaged workers. The best-managed teams have 41% fewer quality defects and nearly 50% fewer accidents.

3)      Allow some remote work. Americans who work remotely log more hours and are slightly more engaged (32% vs. 28%) than their on-site counterparts.  Balance is the key. Those who spend less than 20% of time working remotely are the most engaged.

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