Social Recruiting More Likely to Result in a Hire

Many employers have ramped up their social recruiting in recent years, taking to sites like Facebook and Twitter to attract and court the most sought-after candidates.

Jobvite analyzed these relationships, plotting them out to discover what happens when potential employees and job seekers meet against a social backdrop. According to their findings, relationships born from social media are more likely to result in a hire and longevity once the job is taken.

For starters, pretty much every company out there is using social media to some extent when it comes to recruiting. Over 94% of employers reveal they use or plan on using these sites, according to the survey.

Companies are pooling their resources to invest more in these sites. They project a 73% increase in investment from 2012 to 2013.

Social recruiting has improved the quality and quantity of candidates. About 33% of companies said their time to hire was improved, while almost half of companies said candidate quality was improved. And 43% of employers said they got more candidates using social media.

Employee referral quality and quantity was also reportedly improved by using social media, with 32% of companies reporting this was enhanced to some degree.

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