Social Media Demographics By Ethnicity And Heavy Usage Reported By Pew

According to the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project, Twitter offers more diversity than rival social media sites.  African-American, Hispanic and Asian-American users account for 41% of Twitter’s 54 million U.S. users, compared with 34% of the users on Facebook.

A breakdown of some of the statistics indicates about 18% of Twitter’s U.S. users are African American; about twice the 10% of U.S. Internet users who are African American and significantly more than the 11% of Facebook users who are African American.

Among young adults, according to a September Pew survey, 40% of African American Internet users aged 18-29 use Twitter, compared with 28% of whites in the same demographic.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Meredith Clark, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill who is studying “Black Twitter,” says African Americans access Twitter on smartphones, the primary Internet device used by many African Americans according to Clark’s study.  WSJ reported Clark’ observing that some young African Americans … “use Twitter in place of text messages, encouraging their friends to join the service as well.”

Overall, about 73% of online adults used a social networking site of some kind in 2013 with Facebook still holding on to the position as the most dominant social networking platform per total number of users despite recent growth by services such as Pinterest and Instagram.  In 2012, 67% on online adults were on Facebook.  About 42% of online adults now use two or more of these social networks, while 36% use only one (the remaining 22% did not use any of the five specific sites Pew asked about).

Among those who only use one major social networking platform, 84% say that Facebook is the single site that they visit.  Among “single platform” social networking site users not preferring Facebook, 8% use LinkedIn, 4% use Pinterest, and 2% each say that Instagram or Twitter is their sole social networking site.

Other findings from Pew:

Facebook and Instagram exhibit especially high levels of user engagement.  63% of Facebook users visit the site at least once a day, with 40% doing so multiple times throughout the day.

Though Instagram and Twitter have a significantly smaller number of users than Facebook, users of Instagram and Twitter also tend to visit them frequently.  About 57% of Instagram users visit the site at least once a day (with 35% doing so multiple times per day), and 46% of Twitter users are daily visitors (with 29% visiting multiple times per day).

Pinterest holds particular appeal to female users (women are four times as likely as men to be Pinterest users).

LinkedIn is especially popular among college graduates and internet users in higher income households.

Twitter and Instagram have particular appeal to younger adults, urban dwellers, and non-whites.

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