Smartphone Penetration Continues To Grow. Facebook, Google Play, Google Search, You Tube and Pandora Top Applications.

Smartphone penetration reached 62% of the US mobile subscriber market in Q3/2013 according to a new report from comScore, up 3% points from the Q2/2013 report.

Nielsen also puts smartphone’s penetration growth at about 3% points, although it estimates penetration was at 64.7% in Q3/2013 up from 62% in Q2.

Both reports agree when it comes to the top platforms, with Android at 52% share of the smartphone market and Apple at 41%.

For use of applications on mobile, Facebook is on top with 74.3% reach, followed by a number of  Google applications: Google Play (53.9%); Google Search (53.2%); and YouTube (49.6%). Pandora moved into the #5 spot with 49.3% reach.

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