Slight Month To Month Decline In U.S. Job Openings, But 7% Increase From Last Year

Job openings in the U.S. declined slightly to 3.76 million in April from 3.88 million in March, per the U.S. Labor Department, but compared with same period in the prior year, April’s job openings rose almost 7%.  Non-government job openings rose 6% to 3.36 million, and government openings increased to 402,000 from 360,000.

MarketWatch reports, “With about 11.66 million unemployed people in April, there were 3.1 potential job seekers per opening, slightly higher than March’s ratio of three seekers per opening. In April 2012, there were about 12.52 million unemployed people — about 3.6 potential seekers per opening. When the recession began in December 2007, there were less than two potential job seekers per opening. The number of separations, such as quits and layoffs, increased to 4.28 million in April from 4.12 million in March. The total number of hires increased to 4.43 million in April from 4.23 million in March. The level of hires was almost 5 million when the recession began.

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