Skills For Chicagoland’s Future Helps Chicago To Be Recognized As An Innovative City

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The non-profit organization “Skills For Chicagoland’s Future” has been cited by CNN Money as a contributing factor for Chicago being recognized as one of the top innovative cities in the U.S.

The list is described by CNN Money as a “snapshot” of what’s happening in America’s urban environments, focusing on how to innovate around gentrification “without displacing the people who had lived there for decades.” Another factor was the ability of activists, nonprofits and corporations to work together with local governments to empower cities.

CNN Money said, “(Chicago is) good at leveraging relationships. City programs like Skills for Chicagoland’s Future match the needs of businesses with unemployed workers and offer training programs with direct pathways to employment.”

Chicago ranks as the fourth most innovative city  with New York at number 1 followed by Boston and Portland, Ore. Rounding out the Top 10 are Detroit, Minneapolis-St. Paul, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and Cleveland.

About Chicago, CNN Money also noted that “Chicago was the first city in the country to appoint a Chief Data Officer, and it’s a leader when it comes to harnessing open data as a way to improve the lives of city residents. A partnership with the MacArthur Foundation has helped to provide more affordable housing in the city, and its Center for Neighborhood Technology has contributed to innovations on the local level, like car-sharing and energy efficiency in homes. The city has also turned many of its alleys into small greenways, and redeveloped existing land into public parks, like the Navy Pier and The 606, a mile-long railroad. More green is on the way for this city — an infrastructure trust was established to facilitate the building and greening of buildings.”