Six Industries Facing Difficulty To Find Workers Per Analysis Of First Nine Months Of 2014


According to research conducted by the Centre for Economic and Business Research and job site, one job opening in three remains unfilled for longer than three months —- and that number has been rising recently.

Six industries in which unfilled jobs remain open for longer than average are listed below:  (Note: Percentage to the right of industries/categories when percentage represents broad cross-section of the industry for open jobs remaining unfilled for longer than three months. Otherwise, if certain jobs within category are more difficult to fill, job titles are listed to the right of the category.)

  • Accommodation and food service (hospitality, lodging, restaurants):  43%
  • Education Services (schools, training centers and other businesses providing instruction and training to consumers):  38.9%
  • Manufacturing: 38.4%
  • Mining and logging: 36%
  • Transportation, warehousing and utilities: Jobs most likely to remain unfilled in this category for longer than three months are flight attendant, freight broker and dispatcher.
  • Wholesale and retail trade:  Jobs that stay open longer include wholesale planner, regional sales director and merchandise operations manager.