Say “aaahhhhhh”


You are to be commended for all you do … emphasis on “all.”

Like so many workers, H.R. professionals are called on to perform new or additional tasks, thanks to evolving technologies, economies, and workplaces. It is challenging to keep up—not only with the growing workload, but also with the base of knowledge we must master.

There have been mind-boggling changes to our industry. But they need not cause hiccups.

Gone are the days …
-of dominated media, where one medium controls circulation …
-of running ads and watching candidates roll in …
-of creating campaigns without understanding your brand and conveying your value to employees

These are times …
-of niche job sites (more than 60,000!), search aggregators, and search engines …
-of streaming radio, cost-per-click advertising, and countless sourcing solutions …
-of recruitment technologies that seemingly change as fast as light travels, and the next “solution du jour”

So many conditions, options, and responsibilities … and only so many hours in the day

You’ve a team to staff or a key position to fill: What do you do? Where do you go? While you might want a silver bullet, the solution depends on the audience and employer brand. The fact is, You cannot rely on one medium, because you need to be where your candidates are, when they’re there … and thanks to the array and ever-presence of media, they’re in many places at once.

Assess. Prescribe. Administer. Check-up: These are times to call on specialists.

You’re amazing, and you’re human. Agencies are your partners in practice, to help you make sure you get the right recruitment message in front of the right people. Consult agencies like Shaker (yes, I’m biased) for …

Your right arm, your extra set of hands
Handling media, creating campaigns, managing buys, monitoring results … It becomes a full-time role and takes recruiters away from what they should be doing: recruiting talent. This is where agencies add value.

Your ears, your eyes
Agencies are keenly aware of trends in media and technology. At Shaker we consider ourselves an extension of H.R. Departments, on call to assist on the “who, what, where, when” of media, based on our assessment goals.

Your mind, your heart
When communicating with prospective and current employees, you must be real. Studies have shown that inauthentic messaging impacts retention. You must understand your employer brand and value proposition.

How have your responsibilities changed? What would you like to take on or know more about, but don’t have the bandwidth? Recruitment advertising agencies fill a need that could well be more essential than ever. Perhaps it’s time to refer to a specialist.