Referral Campaigns And Other Related Networking Tactics Still Rank As Top Source Of Hire

Some of the top methods for candidate generation and talent acquisition according to the newly-released CareerXRoads “Annual Source of Hire Study” are:

1. Word of mouth

Employee Referrals and word of mouth are still the most influential sources of hire with 24.5% of jobs being filled this way, have led the survey as the most effective source of hire since 2005.   Shaker Recruitment Advertising & Communications recommends most companies consider establishing an employee referral program, preferably with some valuable (not necessarily costly, but perceived as valuable) incentives, which can motivate your employees to spread the word about job openings and career opportunities in your firm.


2. Corporate career sites

The influence of corporate careers site on hiring slumped to an all-time low in 2011, accounting for just 9.8% of hires, nearly 8% below the 7-year-average. But, in 2012, corporate careers site have bounced back with accelerated productivity, responsible for 23.4% of hires. Make sure the content and functionality of your career site is in optimal shape. Additionally, make sure that your content is optimized to support a highly-functional search engine optimization (SEO) program.  SEO along with social media integration and a refreshed employer branding approach will properly position the power and potential of your career site as a prioritized a recruitment medium.


3. Job boards

18.1% of job openings are being filled through job boards, though down from recent years (24.9% in 2010, 20.1% in 2011), job boards are still above the 8-year-average of 15.65% as a source of hire.  Nevertheless, candidates’ usage and loyalty to certain job board brands are changing with and now credited with 35 % of all job board hires.


4. Social media

Social Media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Researchgate, Glassdoor and others account for 2.9 % of hires, but the influence of social media goes way beyond that statistic. Though not easy to measure, according to CareerXRoads, social media is now impacting 7 out of the 11 sources of hire.


Statistics for the report are compiled from survey responses from talent acquisition professionals and HR recruiters.

For a full copy of the report, contact a Shaker Recruitment Advertising & Communications Account Executive or go to

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