Recruiting Is Fun!


A friend of mine recently told me about one of her favorite high school teachers—a pre-calculus teacher, of all things. She said his motto was “Math is fun” … that he had signs and balloons imprinted with it. And you know what? She said his class WAS fun.

That got me thinking: What makes tasks fun?

In the case of the math teacher, maybe it was the finding of answers, maybe it was the upbeat attitude. Probably it was both.

Now let’s think about what we do. We are all in the employment business. Whether we are recruiters or H.R. directors, media reps or agency pros, we share this goal: We connect jobseekers with employers, so that both might realize mutual success. Kind of like a “human equation.”

How FUN is that?! What gets better than this?

Helping individuals to find fulfilling roles, and companies to fill the positions vital to advancing their goals.

This gets me going every day and excited to wake up.

Our industry is always changing, and fast. The technology and media options available today make recruiting more effective, accountable, and … well, FUN.

I’m excited about what these changes mean for employers and jobseekers. In this blog I will discuss how traditional strategies are changing, what new media options are available, and how evolving technologies put recruiting and H.R. departments on the forefront of attracting and retaining the top talent.

Now more than ever, human resource professionals are marketers. It used to be that trends in consumer advertising and communication would take years to take hold in the H.R and recruiting space. Those days are gone. We too must be on the cutting edge.

Over the coming months I will explore where our industry is headed and keep you up to date on emerging technologies and strategies. What piques your interest? What do you want to know about? Let me know!

This is going to be FUN. Stay tuned.