Rapid Growth in Online Video Ad Views in Dec 2013 Accounting For 40% Of Videos Watched

According to comScore, Americans watched almost 52.4 billion online videos from desktops and notebooks in December 2013.  About half of the monthly growth could be attributed to a big increase in the number of videos viewed on Facebook, as comScore began counting Vine videos uploaded to Facebook and – less significantly – auto-play content in the News Feed.

For the month, the total video ad views on desktops and laptops reached more than 35.2 billion, a substantial increase of 32% from the prior month (26.8 billion); almost 4 times the amount of video ads watched at the start of the year (9.1 billion).

During the course of the year, the percentage of the online population reached by video ads grew from 50.5% in January to 55.6% in December. More significantly, though, the number of ads seen by the average viewer increased from 58.4 to 204.1.

In December, ads accounted for 4 in every 10 videos viewed, up from 36% in November.  Per comScore analysis, “the increase in video ad views owes more to the frequency of ads per viewer o than an increase in reach among the total US population.”  The audience for video ads in December (55.6%) was slightly lower than in November (55.8%) – but an average viewer watched 204 online video ads in December as opposed to 155 a month earlier.

AOL was the top online video ad property in December, serving about 4.3 billion ads, followed by LiveRail.com and Google Sites tied at nearly 3.6 billion

For videos in general, Google remained the top property with 159.1 million unique viewers and 13.4 billion video views in December followed by Facebook with 3.75 billion views seen by 79.1 million unique viewers.  Based on viewers, AOL took the third spot, followed by Yahoo Sites and NDN (News Inc. with sites such as The Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, etc.), though more video views occurred on NDN than on Yahoo sites.

Overall, comScore’s data indicates that 86.9% of online Americans watched video content in December.  The average online video viewer spent close to 19-1/2 hours watching online video content during December, fairly unchanged from the prior month. Ads accounted for 5.7% of all time spent watching video online, up from 4.4% a month earlier.

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