Other Than LinkedIn, Women Lead Men On Most Social Networks

According to a March 2013 survey of over 2,500 adult US internet users from internet advertising network Burst Media, Facebook remained the leading social network by a wide margin, and females were 6 percentage points more likely than male internet users to have an account Facebook, which is the overall skew on all sites except LinkedIn.

But on LinkedIn the difference between men and women is slim. 14.4% of the surveyed men have accounts on LinkedIn, while 14.2% of women use the business-focused social network in comparison to Facebook on which 56.0% of the surveyed females have accounts compared to 49.5% men.

After a slow start, Google+, is growing and now has the second-highest number of account holders among both men and women, leading Twitter by approximately 10 percentage points for both genders. About one-quarter of male and female web users were on the Google+.  24.5% of surveyed males use Google+, while for females the market penetration is 26.1%.

On Pinterest, the skew toward women has been steady since the site first went live and became discovered by users. 21.9% of female respondents had an account on Pinterest, compared with 5% of men. 6.1% of men and 5.7% of women were on Instagram. On Twitter, penetration rates were also very close, with 16.9% of women and 15.5% of men.

Mobile social network use continues to gain traction with both men and women. The desktop and laptop remain at this time as the primary appliance where users access social sites, but use of mobile appliances for social media is growing. Just less than half of both men and women accessed social media via their smartphone, and another 32% of men and 21% of women accessed via the tablet.

And about one-third of all social users said the smartphone or tablet was their preferred method to access social media.

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