Online Radio Listening Continues To Grow. Pandora Remains Current Leader.

For the second month in a row, Internet listening kept increasing in November, 2013, according to data released by Triton Digital.

Average Active Sessions (AAS), measured in a 6:00am – 12:00am day, Monday through Sunday, indicted a cumulative number of 2,222,748 sessions for domestic U.S. listening.

The best month-over-month growth belonged to Pandora, which led the top-20 field by gaining over 63,000 average active sessions.

After Pandora, the top five market leaders all lost monthly listenership in November.  Nevertheless, Shaker is carefully watching trends for Spotify which appears to be in a position to generate significant growth in the future based on viral marketing as well as paid advertising to support brand recognition and increased listenership.

Year-over-year, Triton Digital reports 18% growth in cumulative listening over November, 2012, based on Average Active Sessions.  During this period, Pandora grew its number by 21%, or over 297,000 sessions.


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