New Prime Time Television Show Has Contestants Competing For “The Job”

Starting this Friday, applicants will compete for a new job on the CBS television program  “The Job”.

Okay, I know what we’ve got here is another so-called reality show. Not exactly a news documentary. Therefore,  I look forward to hearing from recruiters and other HR personnel with their opinions if this show really reflects reality or distorts the actual hiring process.

The program, to be hosted  by Lisa Ling, will have five hopeful candidates compete against one another as they interview and try out for a job. A panel of managers will evaluate their performances, eliminate weak candidates and then at the end of the program, announce the winner for the job.

Throughout the program, the managers will also provide advice such as critiquing candidates’ interviewing skills and on-the-job performances while also giving viewers tips on some of the basics such as how to create a resume and how to act when applying for a job opening, As an added bonus, bosses from other companies can jump in and try to recruit a promising candidate for their company.

In the premiere, the opening is an assistant manager job with the Palm Restaurant Group in New York City. The job for the second week will be an editorial assistant opening at Cosmopolitan magazine. Other companies looking to find candidates during the eight-episode season include Epic Records, Major League Soccer and the Viceroy Hotel Group.

So if you get a chance to watch “The Job”, let me know if you think it’s a realistic view of employment in the real world.

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