New Jersey Fast-Becoming a Tech Hub

When you think of a flourishing IT industry, you think Silicon Valley, Houston, and…Jersey? Yes, it’s true. New Jersey has added enough new technology jobs this year to join powerhouses California, Texas, Virginia and New York, in the top five states by size of tech workforce, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

New Jersey added five percent more tech positions or 3,600 jobs topping the list of fastest growing states, according to a report from The state posted similar growth last year, so it’s becoming a trend.

So why the big draw to Jersey? Dice writes that New Jersey is intent on courting small to mid-sized tech businesses through incentive grants to firms that create just 10 new positions in New Jersey’s growing tech sector.

Other notable tech advances in states include:

  • More tech jobs have been created in Massachusetts in the first half of the year, than last year at the same time. Those 2,600 new positions or four percent increase from December ranks the Bay State second on the list.
  • Missouri’s tech employment grew at nearly four percent this year to take third place, while beating out Texas, New York and Washington. St. Louis’ IT Entrepreneur Network just selected its first Entrepreneur in Residence to help coach tech startups to success.
  • Tech job creation in Texas is growing at twice the rate (3.2%) as the state’s private sector employment (1.6%) to start 2013. Opportunities abound from cloud software companies in Austin tohealthcare powerhouses in Houston to theFederal Reserve Bank in Dallas todefense contractors in San Antonio.

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