Need a Fresh Recruitment Strategy? Look Out the Window.


Or not. For those of you in the Northeast, Midwest, or Northwest, it may just be an omen.

It’s January and what do you see? Snow, Blizzards, Sleet, Ice, freezing temperatures and what people in Chicago call the Hawk. That bone chilling wind that no amount of clothing can keep you from feeling.

Show me a person in their 50’s, successful, talented and respected in their field, and I’ll show you exactly the person you don’t want to lose, and heaven forbid, find a replacement. There is a good chance they have been looking out the window as well. They have the enough disposable income to spend a week or two in a warm climate. And when they check the weather back home just before taking their seat on the plane, they start to think about a move.

What are your retention plans? Don’t have any? Oops.

Now if you are in the south, take a look out your window. Did you need a jacket to come to work today? You have a great facility, but always find it difficult to recruit for key positions in your local market. So now target northern states thru social media and pay for performance models, state associations and magazines, email, and postcards. In the dead of winter. Plant a seed and watch it grow. You will get response, but you have also put yourself on the map the next time one of these professionals has a brutal day at work or has to change a flat tire in the snow.

Are you taking an unfair advantage on your northern counterparts? Absolutely. But your boss is not giving out kudos for trying your best, only getting the job done. Recruiting has changed and you need to change with it. There are a lot of great ideas out there, but you have to try them.

Years ago I recommended that a southern hospital advertise on a billboard along the Interstate Highway only three miles away. I was thinking about the 200,000+ cars that passed that billboard every week. Messaging like RN’s, Stay Here, Work Here, Live Here. They thanked me for my insane ideas and kept their budget in print. Sound crazy now?