Nationwide Job Openings Up 5.1% M-0-M And 27.5% Y-O-Y In March

The newly-released U.S. Employment Outlook complied by reports nationwide job openings increased by 5.1% in March; year-over-year job openings increased 27.5%.  The follows a 4.6% increase in the February 2014 M-O-M report and indicates steady growth nationwide.

Job openings increased in two-thirds of all industries. The government (25.2%) and real estate (8.4%) industries experienced the largest gains. Healthcare (-9.9%) and hospitality (-8.6%) decreased during this period.

21 out of 23 occupation categories experienced job growth in March.   Journalists and media workers (46.0%) and manufacturing workers (19.4%) saw the largest amount of growth month-over-month, while doctors, nurses, therapist and technician roles (-3.1%) faced the largest decline during this time period.

Nevertheless, healthcare continues as an industry with the greatest job openings.  Nearly half of the top posting companies in March 2014 were healthcare-related (approximately 55 company locations). There were also a significant number of job openings at financial services and academic institutions.

The U.S. Employment Outlook is a monthly analysis and forecast of employment trends in the U.S. Findings are based on monthly job seeker activity on