More Time Spent With Digital Than TV, Radio Or Print

Per a new report from eMarketer, in 2013 Americans spent more time with digital media than any other medium —- for the first time ever.

U.S. adults spent 43.4% of their major media time with digital devices in 2013, up from 38.5% in 2012. Digital outpaced television, which declined from 39.2 % of media time in 2012 to 37.5% last year.

Digital includes desktop and mobile devices as well as any other internet-connected services, such as smart TVs that stream online shows or gaming consoles connected to the web.

Mobile is driving the digital gains. eMarketer predicts that in 2014, the average U.S. adult will spend 23% more time with mobile on an average day than in 2013.

Desktop and laptop usage will decline from 19.2% of all major media time in 2013 to 18% this year, off from a peak of 22.6% in 2011.

Four years ago mobile devices accounted for just 3.7% of major media time.

Radio, ranking third among the major media,  is at 10.9%, down from 14.9% in 2010.

Print is down to 3.5% or 26 minutes a day from 7.7% in 2010; 14 minutes for newspapers and 12 for magazines.

eMarketer predicts total time with media will grow 1.5% this year, to 12 hours and 14 minutes per day. The report does note that multitasking is taken into account in its estimates. For example, if someone watched an hour of television and used their tablet device for 15 minutes during that hour, it counts as an hour for TV and 15 minutes for mobile.