Mobile Career Sites Increasingly Important With Sales Of Tablets Continuing To Grow

44% of online U.S. consumers owned tablets as of December 2013, an increase of six percentage points from the previous year, according to a new report released by The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).

Almost 70% of online consumers expect to purchase tablets sometime in the future, holding steady with purchase intent figures reported by CEA last quarter.

Among tablet owners, screen size plays an important role in portability and viewing content, and ownership seems to be shifting somewhat to smaller screens. Among current owners, small screens of seven to eight inches have increased from 25% ownership in June 2013 to 32% in December 2013.

Ownership of medium screens 8.9 to 10.1inches have decreased from 73%  in June 2013 to 68% in December 2013.

Regarding tablet owners’ usage behavior, these consumers use a wide variety of apps with their devices, and games remain the most popular type of app.

The study found 66% of tablet owners use gaming apps, followed by weather apps (58%) and social networking apps (51%).

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