Mike & Mike take San Diego


SHRM 2015 Talent Management Conference & Exposition
April 27-29, 2015
Manchester Grand Hyatt – San Diego, CA

I’d love to report back that our trip to sunny San Diego left us with sand between our toes and hearty sun tans, but there was work to be done, so we did our best to balance fun with networking at our booth and beyond.

Lucky for us, this was an easy task to undertake. Having wrapped up our participation at the IAEWS Spring Summit the weekend prior, we set-up our booth and got ready to interact with the over 1,400 HR professionals and thought leaders from around the world in attendance at the SRHM Talent Management Conference & Expo. We’re used to getting a mixed bag of visitors, but this year we were pleasantly greeted with wave after wave of booth visitors who exuded happiness and positivity. This was my take in real time:

And even more exciting – many of the people we spoke with had specific projects to discuss with us. The most popular topics were employer branding, programmatic ad buying and site development – all areas where we excel and are at the ready to work on.

We also had quite a few people interested in talking about our virtual events, which made me happy, of course!

Overall, we came home without any sand, but with a little sun and an appreciation for all the great conversations and networking opportunities.

SHRM Talent was also an excellent opportunity for us to see some of our favorite friends – current clients, media partners, vendors and industry experts. It’s always nice to see a friendly face, to catch-up and share some of our favorite recruitment stories. And for those friends that we’d never met in person, it is so fulfilling to get out from behind our emails and phone calls and talk face-to-face. Brings a smile to my face just thinking about it!

Left without a conference pass, I left the session attendance to the more esteemed Mike (Temkin) who reported back that his favorite session was Good to Really Great: The Five Things That High Performing In-House Recruiters Do that Others Don’t by Johnny Campbell at Social Talent. Great attendance and buzz in the room and Mr. Campbell did a great job of getting his points across without over-pitching his company. And he was from Dublin – everyone’s a sucker for a cool accent!

Mike and many other attendees also had very positive reviews of Desiree Roger’s keynote on “How to Motivate Talent in Times of Change” in which she outlined the challenges and successes of taking over as CEO of the esteemed Johnson Publishing company, making her the first non-family member to take a leadership role there.

And not to be outdone, Gerry Crispin backed up his advice on candidate engagement with compelling examples, facts and figures.

Response to the lunch Keynote by Mike Walsh was lukewarm as more than one person commented that he seemed better suited for audiences interested in consumer marketing.


Location: A+
Can’t beat San Diego

Venue: B+
Wonderful hotel, but event layout kept the sessions and speakers far from the Expo hall and the facilities could use some upgrading

Food: B
The Spicy Sausage and Mozzarella calzones were a huge hit, while the picnic-style lunch left a lot to be desired

Best feature for attendees: The professional headshot station complete with make-up artists. Lines of HR pros lined up for hours to get their close-up!

Bonus: The crowd was able to help SHRM’s very own Rebecca Orens celebrate her Birthday with a hearty rendition of “Happy Birthday” at the Grand Prize Drawing. Anyone who has ever exhibited at a SHRM event will recognize Rebecca as that positive and helpful person who makes sure everything goes smoothly at the event!