Maintain Proactive Recruiting Tactics At All Times To Remain Competitive And Productive

Tom Gimbel, the president and CEO of the LaSalle Network, provides Inc. Magazine with advice for how companies should maintain a proper balance in their hiring process. The LaSalle Network is a $37 million staffing and recruiting firm based in Chicago. Mr. Gimbel founded the firm in 1998.   Today, LaSalle Network has four offices and six business units including accounting & finance, technology, administrative, call center, human resources, and executive search.

Mr. Gimbel’s advice:

1. Always be interviewing:   Mr. Gimbel firmly believes “that the right time for entrepreneurs, especially of small and growing companies, to make a hire is before they actually have the need. One proactive way to ensure candidate flow is to constantly be interviewing people for a variety of positions. It also helps keep you abreast of what’s going on in the marketplace.  Doing one or two interviews a week can really add value to your company.”

2. Focus on quality over speed:   “If your company is growing so rapidly that you start to think about hiring subpar people to fit a need, it’s time to take a step back. (At LaSalle) …. We made the decision to slow down our growth a little and really focus on quality. That helped create a snowball effect that then led to the company going from $20 million in sales to $37 million in only three years.”

3. Proactive networking:  “When you’re looking to add talent, networking is vital, not only with clients but with vendors and peers, even dating back to college or graduate school networks before your firm was even started. There’s a lot of reciprocity in the marketplace. Be proactive in offering advice and help to others.”

4. Make every hire count. “Especially when a company has 100 or fewer employees, every hire is important. If you’re looking at one out of 10 people, it’s 10 percent. That’s a lot. Whether it’s a computer programmer, or an administrative assistant, or an account, or a sales person, or a marketing professional, make every hire count.”

Go to and watch Mr. Gimbel discuss how to be proactive in your recruiting and hiring by not waiting to hire only when you have a specific opening.  Mr. Gimbel talks about the fine balance between not wanting to slow the growth of your company, and also not growing so fast that you end up hiring subpar candidates.

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