Listen: Streaming Radio Is Where It’s At …


Because It’s Where They’re At

Chances are that as you read this blog, you are multitasking. Such is the nature of the modern, technologically advanced home and workplace. We now can—fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your perspective)—bring and do our work anywhere, anytime. We can collaborate on a cloud, chat with prospects, approve proofs, read whitepapers, text our kids, and listen to music … more or less simultaneously.

We (including our candidates) are everywhere. So that is precisely where you need to be.

The explosion of communication channels enables employers to more precisely target audiences and connect with best-fit applicants, wherever they are, more efficiently and cost-effectively. At Shaker we’re particularly excited about the potential of radio streaming, which opens up a variety of practical—and fun!—recruiting options.

Imagine reaching your ideal, passive candidates as they stream radio at their not-yet-perfect jobs.

Through mobile headphones and on desktop speakers, people stream radio as they work or play or relax. They tune into Pandora (the current market leader) and such stations as Last.Fm, iHeartRadio, Maestro, Spotify, TuneIn, Turntable … and so many others.

On Pandora (72.4 million active users nationwide as of November 2013), audio ads are placed between music programming in short, infrequent commercial breaks (no more than 2 messages per break, no more than 6 breaks per hour). Banner and video ads allow inspired applicants to take action from Pandora’s desktop or mobile site.

Streaming radio is omnipresent. Ads placed there reach audiences in an effective, minimally intrusive manner.

  • Segmentation: Target candidates by age, gender, zip code, day, day-part, or other criteria.
  • Ubiquity: Listeners stream radio on their phones and in their cars, in their homes and at their businesses.
  • Immediacy: Calls to action allow for immediate follow-through.
  • Minimal clutter: Limited commercials each hour create better recall in a subtle, yet powerful way.
  • Analytics: Pandora, for example, delivers audio/visual impression and ad click-through reports.

Which streaming radio stations do you listen to, and where? Over the next few weeks, stream some radio, wherever the inspiration strikes. Try some new stations (the options are as varied as your interests!). Listen for the ads, and let us know what you think.

And be sure to stay tuned here.