Job Postings Indicate Job Openings Up 3.2% in May With Increases In All Top 50 Major Cities

From the June 2013 U.S. Employment Outlook complied by SimplyHired.

  • Nationwide job openings increased by 3.2% in May; year-over-year job openings increased 38.4%.
  • Job openings increased in each of the top 50 major metros.
  • One quarter of metros experienced double-digit growth, with Sacramento (6.6%), Greensboro (6.0%) and Salt Lake City (5.8%) showing the largest gains.
  • The automotive (19.3%) and agriculture (13.9%) industries experienced the largest gains. Real estate  (-1.7%) and travel (-1.1%) decreased during this period.

SimplyHired’s Employment Outlook Report is based on national and regional job openings.

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