Job Posting Activity Up In 16 Of 18 Industries, 22 Of 23 Occupations And 49 Of 50 U.S. Metro Areas

According to the October 2013 U.S. Employment Outlook, complied by job aggregator Simply Hired, U.S. job openings increased month-over-month by 6.9% in September from August, with year-over-year job openings increasing by35.0%.

Job openings increased in 49 of the 50 major metros with Los Angeles, CA (11.5%), Sacramento, CA (10.9%) and Kansas City, MO (10.7%) having the largest gains.

Job openings increased in 16 out of 18 industries. The non-profit (17.8%) and construction (13.0%) industries experienced the largest gains. Legal (-8.7%) and technology (-1.8%) decreased during this period.

22 out of 23 occupation categories experienced growth in job openings. Scientific and lab (21.9%) and engineering (non-computer) (21.4%) roles had the largest amount of growth month-over-month.

Healthcare remains the industry with the overall greatest number of job openings.  Nearly one-third of the companies posting jobs in September were healthcare-related. Retail also continued to have a high volume of job postings.

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