Job Openings up 33.4% in Oct. 2013 vs. Oct. 2012. Down 0.4% Month-Over-Month Per Report From SimplyHired

Job openings increased in 11 of 50 major metros in October per the latest SimplyHired report.   West Palm Beach, FL (3.5%), Salt Lake City, UT (3.2%) and Harrisburg, PA (2.5%) experienced the largest gains.

Job openings increased in 9 out of 18 industries in October, with non-profit (13.7%) showing the largest gain. 7 out of 23 categories experienced growth in job openings in October. Media (-7.4%), agriculture (-3.5%) and automotive (-3.5%) saw a decrease during this period.

7 out of 23 occupational categories saw job growth in October.  Educators including librarians were up 10.2% and HR, compliance and business operations jobs  were up 3.7%, experiencing  the largest amount of growth month-over- month. Social work and counseling were down (-24.2%) followed by lawyers and legal support (-18.4%) facing the largest decline in October.

Approximately one-third of the top posting companies in October were healthcare-related (approximately 43 company locations), making healthcare the industry with greatest job inventory. Management consulting and financial services also had a significant number of job openings.

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