Job openings Increased Nationwide in December per SimplyHired

In December, nationwide job openings increased by 3.9%, marking the seventh time in eight months that the economy has seen job growth as evaluated through the number of job postings indexed by job aggregator

Nationwide job competition held steady at a ratio of three unemployed persons for each job opening.  Hiring increased in all 50 major metropolitan areas with biggest gains in Cincinnati (9.4%), Austin (7.7%), Salt Lake City (7.4%), and St. Louis (6.2%).

Job openings increased in 11 out of 18 industries (60%) in December, with non-profit (43.5%) and real estate (11.7%) seeing the largest gains. Industries that decreased included military (-15.3%) and retail (-12.9%).

Occupations experiencing the largest amount of growth were farm, fishing and forestry (9.6%), personal care and services (8.8%) and construction and extraction workers (8.2%). Computer engineers (-4.3%) faced the largest decline in December. Top hiring companies nationwide continue to be healthcare-related.

The month of December usually sees  a slowdown in hiring and a decline in job openings. With this year’s job opening numbers reflecting an increase of nearly 4% in December, signs are pointing to the possibility of an improved hiring market.

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