Job Openings Increase Nationwide Per SimplyHired U.S. Employment Outlook Report

In January, 2013, nationwide job openings increased  by 1.1% month-over-month and 7.6% year over-year according to the newly-released U.S. Employment Outlook Report compiled by SimplyHired.

Nationwide job competition held steady at a ratio of three unemployed persons for each job opening.

January marks the eighth time in nine months that SimplyHired has reported an increase in nationwide job openings. Job openings increased in 40 out of 50 major metros in January. West Palm Beach (6.0%), Seattle & Tacoma (4.2%), Las Vegas (4.1%) and Atlanta (3.3%) experienced the largest gains.

In addition, the ratio of job seekers to job openings held relatively steady in the majority of metro areas.

Job openings increased in 9 out  of 18 industries in January, with agriculture (21.1%) and technology (13.7%) showing the largest gains. However, industries that decreased include non-profit (-30.0%) and legal (-22.6%).

Nearly three-quarters of occupations experienced growth year-over-year. Personal care and services (17.6%) contributed to this growth by experiencing the largest gains in January. However, top hiring companies nationwide continue to be healthcare-related.

As the New Year begins, the hiring market tends to stabilize slightly after the nation’s significant seasonal hiring. Many seasonal occupations, including retail salespersons (-4.9%), sales representatives (-6.1%) and transportation workers (-0.8%), experienced a decline in hiring in January. However, seasonal hiring typically picks up in the spring to prepare for the busy summer season.

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