Job Openings Increase Nationwide In February Per SimplyHired Employment Outlook

The newly released U.S. Employment Outlook indicates solid growth in job openings across all industries other than construction.  Overall, nationwide job openings increased by 4.6% month-over-month in February, 2014; year-over-year job openings increased 25.8%.

Job openings increased in 17 out of 18 industries in February 2014, with legal (29.1%) and travel (20.3%) showing the largest gains. Construction (-12.1%) was the only industry to see a decrease during this period.

Nearly all occupation categories (20 out of 23) experienced growth in job openings in February 2014 with building and groundskeeper (16.6%) and military personnel (15.8%) roles showing the largest gains. Scientists, social scientists and lab tech (-25.9%) and manufacturing (-2.4%) roles faced the largest decline during this period.

Healthcare continues as industry with greatest job inventory. More than one-third of the top posting companies in February 2014 were healthcare-related, making healthcare the top industry for job postings. There were also a significant number of job openings at financial services and academic institutions.

The U.S. Employment Outlook is a monthly analysis and forecast of employment trends in the United States. These findings are based on monthly job seeker activity on, which publishes millions of listings from over 30,000 employment sites, and data obtained from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Some findings may be projected from recent historical data. Data may not be representative of all industries, occupations and/or metro areas. “Metropolitan Areas” in this report are the 50 most populous in the U.S., as ranked by the Nielsen Company’s Designated Market Area (DMA) list. “Occupation Categories” are derived from the Department of Labor’s O*NET database.