Job Openings For Recruiters Increasing Per Wanted Analytics and


John Zappe at ERE takes a look at data from Wanted Analytics and and finds job openings for recruiters are steadily increasing. (

Wanted Analytics tabulates online job postings from corporate sites, job boards, and other online sites. The number of online job listings for recruiters rose 4.5% this August compared to the same 30-day period a year before according to Wanted Analytics. Under Human Resources, recruiter jobs are now second to openings for HR managers. Technical Recruiters, Information Technology Recruiters, Sales Recruiters and Executive Recruiters were the most frequently listed recruiting job titles.  In the Sales and IT categories, there were 1,122,899 job postings for sales jobs and 776,975 IT job openings. As far as executive recruiting, John Zappe reports that “employment by executive search in the U.S. is at its highest point since 2000. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics said executive search firms had 42,000 employees in July.”

Job aggregator listed 58,043 HR jobs online in August, a 15% increase over the past year.   According to Indeed, there has been a steady decline in HR/non-recruiter jobs, but a consistent increase in recruiter jobs since this beginning of the year.

One other telling sign is the increase in hiring by executive search firms. Wanted found “Executive Recruiter” to be among the top 10 recruiting job titles advertised online in August. In fact,