Job Openings Advertised In February Up 7.7% From January To 4.2 Million Jobs Per U.S. Labor Department

From the newly -released “Job Openings and Turnover Report” from the U.S. Department of Labor, the number of job openings advertised by employers was up to the highest number of postings since January, 2008, at 4.2 million jobs for the month of February, 2014. That’s a 7.7% increase from January.

As far as supply and demand, there are about 2.5 unemployed Americans for every open job, down from 6.7 unemployed people for every job available in July, 2009.

The government reported total hiring rose 1.5% to 4.6 million in February.

The number of people who quit their jobs rose slightly in February, according to the report, while layoffs declined.