Job Matching Site Gets $14 Million To Take On LinkedIn

Bright is a recruiting startup that on the surface sounds a lot like many of the job sites out there. But Bright’s founders say that the company has something unique that sets it apart from other sites: an algorithm that extracts more than just keywords to match job finders with recruiters.

The algorithm ranks people by a Bright Score. This assessment is unique to the match that a job applicant has to a particular job. Both the recruiter and applicant can see the score. Bright’s algorithm takes into account location, past experience, and account synonyms to match candidates with jobs.

The site mainly targets people who are looking for jobs in the $30,000 to $80,000 range, according to an article on Techcrunch. They’re compared heavily to LinkedIn and are getting some cash to build up their startup’s science team.

Their data-centric approach is not unlike several other competitors out there like LinkedIn, but Bright says it is different because it targets a different type of professional, in a different salary range.

So far it has raised $14 million in Series B funding from Toba Capital and Passport Capital. The startup previously raised $6 million in funding in 2011.

The company was founded in 2011 and has CEO Steve Goodman at the helm. It plans on using the money to expand and hire several more people.

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